Armenian Cultural Foundation Kicks Off Campaign to Assist Artsakh Families with $100,000 Contribution


The Armenian Cultural Foundation kicked off a campaign to assist residents and families in Artsakh, announcing an initial $100,000 donation to those who have lost their homes and livelihood as a result of Azerbaijan’s aggressive war unleashed last fall.

Armenian Cultural Foundation

Armenian Cultural Foundation

The donated funds were derived from contributions already made to the ACF by Armenian Revolutionary Federation members in the Western U.S., supporters and organizational benefactors who heeded the Central Committee’s call when military actions ended in Artsakh and the devastating toll on the people of Artsakh, soldiers and their families was mounting. The ACF has already begun planning events to rally the community to contribute to this urgent effort.

Assisting the displaced families in Artsakh, as well as providing needed relief to the soldiers and their families was the main priority at the 55th ARF Western U.S. Regional Convention held at the end of last month, where delegates unanimously decided that the Western Region step up its efforts in providing assistance. As such, the Central Committee decided to work with the ACF to mobilize and direct its efforts to advance this program.

Simultaneously, the ARF Central Committee has already begun a needs-assessment inventory and will soon accompany an ACF delegation to Armenia and Artsakh to distribute these funds and assist on-the-ground efforts already underway targeting displaced persons, soldiers and their families, as well as those disabled as a result of the war.

The ACF has already contributed tens of thousands of dollars to provide much-needed assistance such as blankets, heaters, food and medicine, which were delivered by ARF volunteers who traveled to Armenia during and after the war.