Blocking Armenian Genocide Resolution in US Senate is a Result of Another Deal, Says Expert


The White House blocked the Armenian Genocide Resolution (S.Res.150) in the US Senate via Senator Lindsey Graham, taking into account Turkey’s importance in the American strategic programs in the Middle East and Syria, Expert on Oriental Studies Rupen Safrastian told reporters today in Yerevan.

The expert expected that after the US House passage of the Armenian Genocide recognition resolution there will be behind-the-scenes negotiations between US and Turkey.

“The pillar of these talks was the recent meeting of US President Donald Trump and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Washington D.C. which was also attended by Senator Lindsey Graham. Following the meeting the Senator blocked the Armenian Genocide resolution in the Senate. In other words, it’s clear that Turkey and the US reached certain agreements at that meeting. Given Turkey’s importance in the American strategic projects in the Middle East and Syria, the White House via Senator Graham suspended the future proceedings of the resolution. One more time Turkey and the US reached a deal which undermined the future proceedings of this resolution that was based on historical justice and morality”, Rupen Safrastian said.

Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., blocked a congressional resolution Wednesday that would have recognized the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turks hours after he and President Trump met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Washington D.C., Fox News reported.

Graham objected to passing H.Res.296, according to The Hill, saying senators shouldn’t “sugarcoat history or try to rewrite it”.

“I just met with President Erdogan and President Trump about the problems we face in Syria by the military incursion by Turkey. I do hope that Turkey and Armenia can come together and deal with this problem”, Graham said on the Senate floor as quoted by Fox News.

Meanwhile, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Robert Menendez (D-NJ) asked for a “unanimous consent” vote to immediately adopt the Armenian Genocide Resolution (S.Res.150), the Senate version of the resolution the House adopted 405 to 11, establishing ongoing American remembrance of this crime, ANCA reported.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunian