Paris, Singapore, London: Armenia Going To Present Its Tourism Opportunities At International Fairs


Armenia is going to present its tourism opportunities, tour packages and development directions during three major tourism exhibitions this year, Anahit Vosganian – tourism result development expert at the Tourism Committee, told Armenpress.

She informed that they are planning to participate in international tourism fairs in Paris, Singapore, London where Armenia will be represented in separate pavilions. Anahit Vosganian stated that for participation the international tourism fairs are selected with a joint partnership with tour-operators, choosing more interesting markets.

“During the international exhibitions we are mainly presenting a tourism product that is more relevant for that particular period. For instance, Armenia’s overall image and the innovations in tourism sector are presented. Recently, there is activeness in adventure tourism in Armenia and we are trying to present all alternative, interesting tourism products we have via tour-operators. We are also trying to show that Armenia is not only a country with historical-cultural direction”, she said.

Anahit Vosganian said according to the international tourism development trends, for instance, 65% of tourists of the European region prefer spending holidays in eco-environment. In other words, ecotourism with all its branches, be it camp life, mountain climbing, are trendy today.

“Armenia has unlimited opportunities in this regard, although, I want to state that infrastructures are a little weak. In any case, improvements are made every year. Both investments and interests increase in this direction”, she said.

Summing the tourism results of the past one year, Vosganian said tourists visit Armenia mainly from Russia, Iran, US, Georgia and the European countries. According to her, the geography of tourists visiting Armenia is expanding year by year. In the recent period there is also an increase in tourist visits from China and Singapore.

Interview by Anna Gzirian

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunian