Pashinian Expresses Concern to Aliyev Over Ceasefire Breaches


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev have discussed the existing situation at the NK Line of Contact during their brief unofficial meeting in Brussels, Pashinoan’s spokesperson Vladimir Garabedian told ARMENPRESS.

“It was an official event that was organized in honor of Eastern Partnership countries. Yes, the Armenian Prime Minister and the Azerbaijani President were seated at the same table. A brief conversation took place, they discussed the situation that has been created at the Line of Contact. Meaning, an exchange of ideas about the situation,” Garabedian said, indicating the unofficial nature of the conversation.
Asked whether or not the latest cross-border Azerbaijani shootings were addressed, Garabedian said “the concern has been conveyed”.

On May 4, an Artsakh soldier was critically wounded when Azerbaijani military opened gunfire across the Line of Contact.

Azerbaijani also opened cross-border gunfire into Armenia earlier on April 30, wounding an on-duty soldier in Tavush Province.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharian