Artsakh Declares Martial Law And Universal Mobilization


President of Artsakh Arayig Harutyunian has declared martial law and universal mobilization.

He made the statement at an emergency session of parliament in Artsakh.

“I declared martial law and universal mobilization of people aged above 18. We have numerously said that we oppose war but we are ready for war. No one loves and favors peace as much as we do. We did not want war, this war was forced upon us, and we are obliged to defend our country and families. The entire responsibility for the escalation falls on Azerbaijani’s military-political government. Personally President Aliyev of Azerbaijan will be accountable for the potential humanitarian disaster in the region,” Harutyunian said.

In the early morning of September 27, the Azerbaijani military launched a massive attack on Artsakh using air force, missiles and tanks.  The Azerbaijani artillery strikes targeted civilian settlements, including Stepanakert city, which resulted in several civilians being killed.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharian