Driving Force of Armenia Must be Human Mind, Intellect And Initiative – PM Tells Parliament


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian is presenting the government’s action plan to lawmakers.

“Our goal is termed in the very first paragraph of our action plan submitted to parliament – “In the next five years, the activity of the Armenian government will be aimed at building a competitive and inclusive economy aimed at exports, in line with high environmental, high tech and industrial standarts in Armenia.” This means that the main task of the government is changing the GDP structure in a way that five years later technologies  and technological innovations become the locomotive of our economy”, the PM said, adding that the government seeks to make technological sectors the main determiner of the economy.

“In short, from all human abilities the moving force of the Armenian economy must first of all be the human mind, intellect and initiative,” he said.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharian