Government to Discuss Planned Changes in State Administration Structure With Diaspora- Armenians


Caretaker Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian commented on the rumors and concerns around the planned dissolution of the Diaspora Ministry during today’s Cabinet meeting.

“I would like to specially touch upon the case of the Diaspora Ministry, because I think there is a misunderstanding as if we want to [write-off] the Diaspora Ministry. On the opposite, in this case too the task is very clearly formulated: to make the relations and partnership of the government with the Diaspora more effective and in this context we have a certain model and proposal, that implies that the level of relations with the Diaspora will essentially be elevated, not reduced,” Pashinian said, adding that soon the government will also hold discussions with Diaspora-Armenians over the model.

Pashinian expressed hope that they will achieve an agreement and consensus over this matter.

“I say again, here our task is to increase the level of productivity of relations in order to be mutually satisfied with both the process and recorded results. We, of course will proceed with coherent, firm and measured steps, I am sure that the recorded solutions must prove their vitality and of course must satisfy all those who are concerned with the issues of the state administration efficiency in Armenia and find it to be an issue of their solution,” Pashinian said.

According to a preliminary bill on changing the government’s structure, the number of ministries will be reduced from 17 to 12, with several ministries merging into one another.


Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharian