Armenian Cultural Foundation Holds Annual Meeting and Elects Board of Directors


The Armenian Cultural Foundation (ACF) began its Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors on
November 20, 2022, at 211 West Chestnut Street, Glendale CA. Unfortunately, many certified delegates
were banned from participation, and some were escorted out of the premises by armed security guards.
However, the meeting continued and concluded at the Burbank Youth Center located at 75 E. Santa
Anita, Burbank, CA, with a majority of certified delegates present. The Annual Meeting discussed the
ACF’s mission, community activities, future projects, and most critically transparency in its operations.
A new Board of Directors was elected comprised of:
Hovig Dimejian
Raffi Gurunian
Dr. Mireille Hamparian
Nazeli Khodabakhsh, Esq.
Raffi Kouyoumdjian
Tro Krikorian, Esq.
Tamar Sadorian, CPA