Open Letter From Mother Arousiag Sajonian To The French

Աշխարհ, Հայաստան

Dear friends,

For 17 days now, the Nagorno-Karabakh region, also called Nagorno-Karabakh or Artsakh, has suffered an unprecedented attack by Azerbaijan since the war of 1990-1994 which killed 30 ….

This land in the Caucasus, south-east Armenia, populated by Armenians, was arbitrarily integrated by Stalin in Azerbaijan in 1921. With the fall of the USSR, Artsakh voted for its independence, asserting its right to self-determination Provided for by international and Soviet law. This is the right used by the Soviet republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan and is denied to Artsakh for geopolitical reasons.

All over the television set, experts explain that this land, which is at a strategic crossroads, is stirring up covid.But at this crossroads of worlds: my people live and die for 1000 years.At this crossroads of worlds, hundreds of monasteries have been built in which we have been proclaiming our faith in Christ since the 4st century.

Dark powers united and lifted to destroy us, chasing a hegemonic dream led by Mr Erdogan.

Please don’t look away from what is nothing less than a new genocide against my community.

Our soldiers are falling down.

Our civilians die murdered when they didn’t run away with the kids.

Our churches are destroyed.

In our cities, only the fracas of bombs banned by the international community.

Today we beg the world to demand an end to the Azeri, Turkish and jihadist strikes and finally recognize the independence of Artsakh.

The fight that is played out for my people: it is his very survival. Every day that goes by is a day of lost for those who fall, and in writing this, I also think of the Azerbaijani families grieving by the crazy conquest of Mr Aliyev.

To all of you, I strongly urge you to do everything in your power to arrest your elected officials and leaders so that none can say, like in 1915: Armenians were slaughtered AND WE DON ‘ T KNOW.

May God help us,

Mother Arousiag Sajonian

Mother Arousiag is the top of the congregation of Armenian Catholic sisters. She founded several structures in Armenia for the poor: Orphanage, school, centre for elderly, holiday colonies, student homes.

Armenians call her mother Teresa of Armenia.