ARF Won’t Oppose Snap Elections in December in Event of Consensus Between Parliamentary Factions


The ARF faction of the Armenian parliament will not oppose early elections in December in the event of consensus between the remaining political forces of the legislature, member of the ARF faction Spartak Seyranian told reporters today.

“Early elections of parliament must take place after amendments of the electoral code. The police subordination must also change, police must be under the government,” he said, adding that equal competition conditions for all factions must be ensured.

“If all these points are realized by December, then let the elections happen in December,” he said.

“If all political forces decide that elections should take place in December, the ARF will not obstruct,” he added.

He said that in this case they will be committed to what they said earlier and will not nominate a candidate for Prime Minister.

He said he respects the opinion of one segment of the people, but he doesn’t project it on everyone. If the people think that the reason of all misfortunes is the not holding of early elections of parliament, then the ARF agrees for the elections to take place even tomorrow, he said.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharian