The Situation in Artsakh is Critical. I Demand From The International Committee of The Red Cross to Light The Red Alarm Button of The DANGER of GENOCIDE. Gegham Stepanyan


For a month, Artsakh has been completely cut off from humanitarian access, being literally besieged by Azerbaijan. Since June 15, the intentional and total ban on transportation of food and essential goods by Azerbaijan threatens the lives of 120,000 people of Artsakh. Since yesterday, Azerbaijan has also blocked the two-way transportation of patients and medicines by the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross).

The Russian peacekeepers transport cargo for their maintenance by helicopters, while the entire population of Artsakh is under the threat of starvation, and the international actors do not take any steps other than statements. The international community waits for thousands of people to perish to then hypocritically express its regret.

I demand from the International Committee of the Red Cross to light the red alarm button of the danger of genocide. You can do it.

My people are betrayed by everyone’s criminal indifference.I repeat, the situation in Artsakh is critical.