‘Why is The Same Menu in All Restaurants of Nagorno Karabakh?’ – Russian Bloggers Impressed With Artsakh Cuisine


Russian bloggers Natalia Anokhina and Anton Frolov published an article about Artsakh in their blog after their visit touching upon its cuisine, reports Armenpress.

The bloggers participated in the Wine Festival in Artsakh and shared their impressions from the event.

“Participating in the Wine Festival in Nagorno Karabakh we approached a table where Zhingyalov hats [a type of flatbread stuffed with finely diced herbs and green vegetables] was sold. We have heard about this delicious pie long ago. It is always served in hot condition and is very tasty. But usually their sizes are so big that one cannot eat it easily especially when he/she is not hungry and eats during the blog-tours three times a day”, the bloggers say. “If you ever visit Nagorno Karabakh, you must definitely eat the Zhingyalov hats. Perhaps, it is one of the famous local dishes. You can buy it in the Stepanakert market”, they stated.

The bloggers say they have spent four days in Artsakh, and during that period they have been fed so much that they have collected two kilograms of weight. “In general, the cuisine of Nagorno Karabakh is similar to the Armenian cuisine – kebab, barbeque, vegetables, greens, wine and etc. People will make you happy with this always and everywhere”, the bloggers wrote, adding that vegetables in Karabakh are always fresh.

The bloggers were also impressed by the salads and various hot dishes. They sum up the article by talking about the market of Stepanakert, recommending all foreigners to visit there while being in Artsakh. “Even if you have no plans to buy anything, you can organize an interesting photoshoot there”, they said.

The Russian bloggers also promised to publish another article this time about the wine of Nagorno Karabakh.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunian