By Virtue of Law, Hayg Marutian Assumes Mayorship of Yerevan


My Step bloc’s candidate for mayor Hayg Marutian has assumed office of Mayor of Yerevan by virtue of law at today’s inaugural session of the Yerevan City Council.

“Based on the fact that My Step bloc has been granted more than 50 percent of seats at the city council, in accordance to article 44 of the law on local self governance in Yerevan Hayg Marutian is considered the elected Mayor of Yerevan by virtue of law,” chair of the session Lilit Pipoyan said.

Marutian congratulated the city council on its first session. He said it is a very emotional moment for him, and that he is happy that the city council is representing the people of Yerevan, which has taken place through free, fair and transparent elections.

“I don’t separate the composition of the Yerevan City Council based on factions, because we all must work together, every second we must think about our city and citizens,” he said.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharian