President Armen Sarkissian congratulates graduates on Last Bell


President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian addressed congratulatory message on the occasion of the Last Bell, the Presidential Office told Armenpress.

In the congratulatory message the President highlighted that the youth should make Armenia more competitive and prosperous country.

“Dear graduates, today you are graduating from school. There is excitement and enthusiasm, impatience and determination to move forward in your eyes. It seems you are going out to an open space where freedom is not measured, and infinity is infinite. But at the same time you all understand quite well that you continue walking on the path of life which is full of numerous challenges, experiments and opportunities. School is the most important destination of this path. You have passed this memorable part of your life through self-affirmation and study, love and dream, having your tomorrow before your eyes, the work of tomorrow, the family of tomorrow and the homeland of tomorrow. Today you have reached a point starting from which you should more practically participate in its creation by thinking, creating and working”, Armen Sarkissian said.

The President noted that in order not to be left out of the competition it is necessary to be constantly educated and armed with knowledge.

“The world is changing rapidly also thanks to you and your interference. In order not to be left out of the competition, it is necessary to be constantly educated, armed with knowledge, develop imagination, propose ideas, implement them, to take courage, be excited and win. You are able and you should make Armenia more competitive and more prosperous country. The investment of your teachers and parents is great, and you should definitely participate in the creation of values the leading country deserves. Today’s bell directs you to a new launch and flight”, the President said, wishing the graduates health, happiness and success.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunian